1.7.X Patch Notes



  • Fixed issue with invisible models in Classic graphics.
  • Nerfed Blizzard, Flame Strike, and Rain of Fire further.
  • Increased range of towers by 200
  • Fixed bug with First Blood when player leaves



  • Fixed bug with certain spells that result in suicide messing up leaderboard and gold rewards
  • Lowered gold bonus from hero kills slightly



This is the first major patch for Footmen Apocalypse. This patch brings a sweep of AoE nerfs, and Single Target buffs, in an attempt to close the gap between AoE and ST heroes.


  • All Pick mode has been added.
  • Player 1 can select between AR and AP at game start.
  • Multiboard (Scoreboard) added, which displays all player Hero and Unit kills/deaths
  • Hero killing sprees (multiple ranks) added
  • Hero kill bonuses and global announcements added.

Balance Changes:


  • Blizzard damage by ~30%, reduced AoE, increased mana cost
  • Flame Strike damage by ~15%, reduced AoE, increased mana cost Starfall damage by ~20%
  • Cluster Rockets damage by ~20%
  • Thuderstorm damage by ~20%
  • Frost Nova, reduced AoE, ST damage, cast range, and AoE damage.
  • Sleep level 6 time decreased from 50s to 30s for heroes. Cooldown and mana cost also increased.
  • All unit kills now award 20% less gold.
  • Shockwave max damage lowered to 410.
  • Warstomp max damage lowered to 250.
  • Chain lightning max damage lowered to 400.
  • Mana burn max damage lowered to 475.
  • Firebolt mana cost increased, range decreased.
  • Rain of fire mana cost increased.
  • Forked Lightning max damage decreased to 500.
  • Cleaving attack damage multiplier and AoE decreased.


  • Carrion Swarm max damage increased. Increased
  • Breath of fire level 4 and 5 damage by ~20%

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