1.8.X Patch Notes



  • Bug fix for Red getting hero kill credit when a base was destroyed by another team



This is a major patch for Footmen Apocalypse. This patch brings another pass of AoE nerfs, gold bounty nerfs, 2 new game modes, and some other quality of life features.


  • 2 New Game Modes! Single Draft, and Random Draft
  • The weather will change every ~7-15 minutes
  • Floating text will now display when a spell is cast

2 New Heroes!

  • Added Jaina the Daughter of the Sea
    • Frostbolt, Frost Attack, Chain Frost, Mass Teleport
  • Added Kiro, the Hedge Master
    • Crushing Wave, Immolation, Vampiric Aura, Locust Swarm

Balance Changes:

  • Chain lightning buffed damage to 95/135/200/280/400/500
  • Replaced Falcon’s ultimate Transmute with Bladestorm.
  • Replaced Shadow’s Frost Nova with Spike, which does single target damage 100/180/270/370/470/570.
  • Replaced CattleBruiser’s Frost Nova, with Flame Blast, which does single target damage 100/180/270/370/470/570.
  • Replaced Ravage’s Resurrection spell with Avatar.
  • Replaced Elemental Spirit’s Thunderstorm with Monsoon
  • Lowered gold awarded by units and hero kills by ~20%
  • Reduced Critical Stirke Multiplier down to 2/2.5/3/3.5/4.5/6
  • Blizzard: Reduced number of waves by 1 and damage by 20 for each level
  • Lowered Lord of the Apocalypse Trueshot Aura to 10/15/20/25/30/35%
  • Rain of Fire: Reduced number of waves by 1 and damage by 30 for each level
  • Cluster Rockets, and Firestorm missiles reduced by 2, and AoE reduced by ~30%
  • Reduced Stampede, Air Strike and Sea of Flames AoE, and damage amount.
  • Reduced Volcano AoE, and damage
  • Reduced Starfall and AoE and damage
  • Reduced Evasion chance by 10%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with player 1 getting credit for hero kills when players leave
  • Fixed a bunch of tooltips
  • Increased items selling range to 400
  • Added “Full stop” which orders all of your units to stop. Useful when “Full Send” starts glitching.

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