1.9.X Patch Notes



  • Score added, a metric that attempts to gauge how effective a player is. Displayed on the multiboard, and used for ELO ranking

Balance Changes:

  • War stomp and Chaotic Freeze stun duration reworked to start at 2 seconds, and increase by 0.25 per level
  • Critical Strike multiplier reworked to start at 2 and increase by 0.5 per level



This is a major patch for Footmen Apocalypse. This patch brings support for an online leader board and ELO rating system, as well as another pass of Balance changes, focused on lowering hard stun CC, and lowering line based skill shot damage slightly

Online Leader board and ELO rating

Upload your completed v1.9.0+ replays to https://wc3stats.com/ to see stats about your games, as well as your ranking!

Weather is now impactful

  • There will be a special global modifier that occurs during weather changes
    • Light Rain – Health regeneration
    • Heavy Rain – Movement speed reduction
    • Sun – Damage increase
    • Mana Rays – Mana regeneration

New Hero!

  • Truest, the Ghost
    • Windwalk, Breath of Frost, Serpent Ward, Death and Decay

Balance Changes:

  • Mountain King storm bolt mana is now evenly distributed
  • Tower attack range increased to 1150
  • Boots and Amulet are now given to all heroes, not just randomly drawn ones
  • Windwalk mana cost increased 10 per level, and cooldown 1 per level
  • Increased serpent ward unit count by 1 for levels 5 and 6
  • Decreased Silence duration by 3 seconds per level
  • Decreased Storm Bolt stun duration by 1.5 seconds per level
  • Decreased Soul Burn duration by 2 seconds per level
  • Reworked Carrion Swarm damage. Starts at 75 damage, +90 per level.
  • Reworked Breath of Fire damage. Starts at 65 damage, +80 per level
  • Reworked Shockwave distance. Starts at 800, +25 per level


  • Timers added to show when Tech/Repick is enabled or disabled

1.8.X Patch Notes



  • Bug fix for Red getting hero kill credit when a base was destroyed by another team



This is a major patch for Footmen Apocalypse. This patch brings another pass of AoE nerfs, gold bounty nerfs, 2 new game modes, and some other quality of life features.


  • 2 New Game Modes! Single Draft, and Random Draft
  • The weather will change every ~7-15 minutes
  • Floating text will now display when a spell is cast

2 New Heroes!

  • Added Jaina the Daughter of the Sea
    • Frostbolt, Frost Attack, Chain Frost, Mass Teleport
  • Added Kiro, the Hedge Master
    • Crushing Wave, Immolation, Vampiric Aura, Locust Swarm

Balance Changes:

  • Chain lightning buffed damage to 95/135/200/280/400/500
  • Replaced Falcon’s ultimate Transmute with Bladestorm.
  • Replaced Shadow’s Frost Nova with Spike, which does single target damage 100/180/270/370/470/570.
  • Replaced CattleBruiser’s Frost Nova, with Flame Blast, which does single target damage 100/180/270/370/470/570.
  • Replaced Ravage’s Resurrection spell with Avatar.
  • Replaced Elemental Spirit’s Thunderstorm with Monsoon
  • Lowered gold awarded by units and hero kills by ~20%
  • Reduced Critical Stirke Multiplier down to 2/2.5/3/3.5/4.5/6
  • Blizzard: Reduced number of waves by 1 and damage by 20 for each level
  • Lowered Lord of the Apocalypse Trueshot Aura to 10/15/20/25/30/35%
  • Rain of Fire: Reduced number of waves by 1 and damage by 30 for each level
  • Cluster Rockets, and Firestorm missiles reduced by 2, and AoE reduced by ~30%
  • Reduced Stampede, Air Strike and Sea of Flames AoE, and damage amount.
  • Reduced Volcano AoE, and damage
  • Reduced Starfall and AoE and damage
  • Reduced Evasion chance by 10%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with player 1 getting credit for hero kills when players leave
  • Fixed a bunch of tooltips
  • Increased items selling range to 400
  • Added “Full stop” which orders all of your units to stop. Useful when “Full Send” starts glitching.

1.7.X Patch Notes



  • Fixed issue with invisible models in Classic graphics.
  • Nerfed Blizzard, Flame Strike, and Rain of Fire further.
  • Increased range of towers by 200
  • Fixed bug with First Blood when player leaves



  • Fixed bug with certain spells that result in suicide messing up leaderboard and gold rewards
  • Lowered gold bonus from hero kills slightly



This is the first major patch for Footmen Apocalypse. This patch brings a sweep of AoE nerfs, and Single Target buffs, in an attempt to close the gap between AoE and ST heroes.


  • All Pick mode has been added.
  • Player 1 can select between AR and AP at game start.
  • Multiboard (Scoreboard) added, which displays all player Hero and Unit kills/deaths
  • Hero killing sprees (multiple ranks) added
  • Hero kill bonuses and global announcements added.

Balance Changes:


  • Blizzard damage by ~30%, reduced AoE, increased mana cost
  • Flame Strike damage by ~15%, reduced AoE, increased mana cost Starfall damage by ~20%
  • Cluster Rockets damage by ~20%
  • Thuderstorm damage by ~20%
  • Frost Nova, reduced AoE, ST damage, cast range, and AoE damage.
  • Sleep level 6 time decreased from 50s to 30s for heroes. Cooldown and mana cost also increased.
  • All unit kills now award 20% less gold.
  • Shockwave max damage lowered to 410.
  • Warstomp max damage lowered to 250.
  • Chain lightning max damage lowered to 400.
  • Mana burn max damage lowered to 475.
  • Firebolt mana cost increased, range decreased.
  • Rain of fire mana cost increased.
  • Forked Lightning max damage decreased to 500.
  • Cleaving attack damage multiplier and AoE decreased.


  • Carrion Swarm max damage increased. Increased
  • Breath of fire level 4 and 5 damage by ~20%